Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Oi, Chorio! ... say hello to my leeetle friend

"Say hello to my leeetle friend"
I'm fighting Chorio - not chemotherapy. This was a big mental leap for me. PEB chemotherapy is the weapon of choice for this vicious cancer.

Sure, the side-effects are unpleasant (hair loss, vomiting, anaemia, insomnia, weakness, rapid heartbeat, paleness, headaches, anxiety, depression, fever, infections, loss of appetite, constipation AND diarrhoea (?!?!), mouth/gum/throat problems, and a total alcohol ban) ... but they are lot better than the alternative.

I'm facing 9 weeks in bed. Maybe I'll start a petition for a director's cut of 'Scarface' re-dubbed without the Giorgio Morodor soundtrack.


  1. These side-effects are no different to a Nepali rum hangover. You'll get over it by the end of the holiday.

  2. Mate, i reckon an abstention of alcohol is going to be the toughest challenge for you!

  3. 9 weeks in bed, just like being at Trent Poly again.