Monday, 7 November 2011

Eleanor Rigby and exploding plums at 33,000ft

While I lay in bed in pain and despair, Moniek and Ilse were pre-arranging treatment for me in Singapore. We flew out of Kathmandu on Tuesday 25th October.

I was genuinely concerned that the drop in cabin pressure could cause my swollen bollock to rupture, and spray my cancerous tumour across the passengers in row 11. I struggled with how to raise this isssue with the air hostess, and decided to listen to my iPod instead. I choked up and shed a few tears during 'Eleanor Rigby' by the Beatles. I reflected on what a fun-filled and action-packed life I had lived, and how luckly I was to be surrounded by such incredible friends and family.

Moniek had organised a wheelchair to collect me on a arrival. She's tall and pretty, but quite skinny. The porter's job sheet included 'cancer patient from Kathmandu'. He rolled up to the aircraft and tried to put Moniek in the wheelchair instead of me! Cupping my aching plums, I failed to contain my laughter.

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