Monday, 7 November 2011

Mike Tyson vs a feisty lady with tortoiseshell glasses

From my research, it seems that Choriocarcinoma is the Mike Tyson of cancers. It's fast and aggressive. Once unleashed it attacks the lungs, brain, kidneys and liver. And it doesn't give a f*ck about the Queensbury rules.

The pathologist's formal report showed that my Choriocarcinoma had escaped from my ex-testicle and into my bloodstream, and was now lurking all over my body. I needed further examinations of my head, chest and abdomen to see if any of my organs were under attack. More x-rays, CT scans and blood tests ensued.

Some good news: my brain, lymph nodes and kidneys appeared fine. I didn't have Hepatitis B. My hormone marker had dropped, but was still dangerously high. The lungs seemed OK, but the x-ray wasn't clear enough to say for sure.

Dr Jimmy said we could be 'cautiously optimistic' and referred me to a highly respected oncologist (cancer specialist), Dr Karmen Wong. She's a feisty, straight-talking, no-nonsense lady with tortoiseshell glasses.


  1. I know Mike Tyson use to be called "The Baddest Man on the Planet" but everything/one can be beaten. Interestingly Mike Tysons first defeat was against James "Buster" Douglas which reminds me wasn't they a Viz character called Buster Gonad' ironic is that!
    PS: Having a feisty, straight-talking, no-nonsense lady in your corner is exactly what you need.

  2. I think I still have photos of me in my NHS tortoishell glasses. Brings back memories I'm not too keen to relive.

  3. Bl**dy heck this facebook google friends blogocks stuff is way over my head, just took me an hour to figure this out, and at first i sent this message to myself, good job your a good mate Rick, i wouldnt do this for just anyone you know! My pic is one of a blue starfish, seemed appropriate at the time, someday you will come and visit us and check them out! We'll be thinking of you every step of the way mate, if you need any PET scans after the treatment i might be able to help with that, as we do have our own Cyclotron and PET scanner in Nuc Med!! All the best for the coming days mate! Love Chewy and Ro xx

  4. The hippy had to get his cyclotron a shout in there somewhere!

  5. Hippy?? I dont know whatever gave you that idea Nat, i was a hairy chewbacca the last time i looked. Keep gripping that husk Rick! Nice words!