Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lip up fatty

Chips, mushy peas, lashings of salt and vinegar,
and a pint of Boddingtons... a guilty pleasure!
Three long months ago I discovered I had cancer whilst doing some sit-ups, hoping to squeeze into a suit I had bought in 1997. I'd persuaded myself that I'd look quite dapper at the wedding, because fashions would have come full-circle over the last fifteen years.

There's an incongruous British fish & chip shop near Ilse's flat. I'm normally a 'when in Rome ..." traveller, and quite scathing of the Brits abroad mentality, so I felt a bit guilty about my snowballing craving for a proper bag of chips. I dropped my principles and stuffed my face.

Incredibly, and with a warm feeling of poetic justice, I tried on my suit afterwards and it fitted! If there's a moral to this story, please write it on the comments page because I'm at a loss. In the meantime,


  1. Nothing wrong with fish & chips. The fish would have been good for Moniek. The beer probably tasted good. See you both at the wedding
    Great to see you eating a "proper" meal for once.

  2. I guess the moral is retro fashion saves lives!

    This will give me ample excuses to keep the wardrobe secure for another 15 years. Those electric blue Lois cords with white slip-ons. Oh yes, bring it on!

    ....& as for the Kappa roll neck / Gabicci jumper combo, what could possibly go wrong?

    Elaine, many best wishes for the wedding. I just know that it is going to be an absolute blast.

    1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy....... What a blast we had, and Rick gave many legendary performances!

    2. Most excellent news. I shall be catching up with the follicely challenged one tonight so with a fair wind I should be able to see a few photos & maybe even a bit of avi from the event. Did the bridesmaids wear taffeta after all?

  3. Blimey! The resemblance to Buster is uncanny!

    As for the moral - I generally don't have any so I'm struggling to come up with anything better than Ian's wise words.

    E x

  4. Ian. One these days we will share a wee whiskey and put the world to rights.
    Best wishes to you and yours. Hugh.

  5. Hugh, what a fine suggestion. This should spur me on to head over to NI and check out the fabulous towns, scenery & coastline that you have on your doorstep. I am reliably informed that there are the odd one or two fine establishments to visit to sink the suggested wee dram in (let's first target those that have Tyrconnell on the top shelf, quite simply one of the finest malts I've ever tried).

    Oh, & all the very best for the family gathering - it will sure be something special.

    PS I'm sure you & Rick will have a long session on putting the world to rights so send me a précis of your findings.

    1. Good picture Rick:-) I hope you enjoy your stay with your family and friends and it gives you a lot of new energy to restrenghten your health.

  6. Rick !

    moral of the story ? - some pseudo-metaphysical gruntfluff about it not being the destination but what you find on the journey and what you do with it once you've found it.
    California, man, they love that shit!

    Well done mate !

    imagine efter revivifying in blighty you'll be heading back out - but if you need to hibernate in Feb I'm hunkered down in Cornwall housesitting for the old man till April...
    love to Moniek and Godspeed, Ayinsh'allah x

  7. been following your blogs Rick. You are a strong man. Wish you all the wishes GOD can offer. GET WELL SOON !