Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Elvis is still in the building

5am on guitar - the Elvis wig
could be anywhere
Elaine & Mat's fantastic wedding party kept going longer than any in the venue's history, and I was the last out of the bar. Moniek had to help me up the stairs, but it had nothing to do with chemotherapy.

My vision was blurred and wobbly the whole of the following day. Amidst all the confusion I'd managed to put two pairs of contact lenses in by mistake.

Mum & dad returned to Northern Ireland this morning, and the other happy couple are now on honeymoon.

I'll be kicking around for the next 3 weeks before I head back to Singapore. Anyone fancy a pint?


  1. A particularly fine effort & one to be proud of considering the recent past.

    Many fond regards to Matt & Elaine who can now take some time off to recover from your 'performance'. Did the small half of shandy help or hinder the vocal chords?

    As for a beer, most definitely.

  2. Glad the wedding went so well. Congratulations to Elaine and Matt. Brilliant that you're clear of the chorio and on the move. Enjoy the home country and let us know when you're heading to see us 'down under' Love Rowena and Ian xx

  3. Really glad for you-have a pint in my name at Maxi O'Connors!!

  4. Are you in Notts at all? Am in London on Thursday afternoon and have a couple of hours before my train if you're about. Am on 0773 4410438

    1. Matt, I admire your enthusiasm but may I hand out a cautionary note. I shared a couple of light ales with Rick last night & I can say that his enthusiasm for life stills burns very bright, which roughly means that I passed out on Elaine's sofa at 2am, whisky in hand.

      He has got some immense decisions to consider over the coming days & I can categorically state that my addled ramblings will have not given him an iota of assistance with any of them. I even struggled to help decide between Guinness & real ale.

      I wish you well & hope you have a great afternoon as it was fantastic to see Rick looking 110% & revving the engine up to 11 (mixed metaphor there but finding it hard to concentrate right now).

  5. Great to hear that you have got the better of the Chorio and enjoying the spoils of a developed country. Hope to see you back in Nepal soon, in the mean time, rest assured that the local mini skirt clad, scooty scuttling totty onlyt continues to improve on every front.

    Will be posting you some pics of the latest incarnation of my enfield soon. I have also entered the mystifying world of carburation and jetting with some very interesting results!

    Keep up the good work and the healthy spirits. Love to Monique. Oh, make sure you get your shit back here for Oct - wedding in Garden of Dreams in KTM. Hoping to have bikes, cars of various vintages and maybe even a horse drawn carriage all mixed up with a wedding band from the Terai! not to be missed!

  6. Holy Shit Rick! I just stumbled upon this blog—sounds like your world got turned upside-down since the last time I saw you. Damn! I'm happy that you are on the mend. I've also been diagnosed with cancer since I got back to the states, but not as serious (knock on wood). I had surgery for a spot of melanoma, and I'm hoping it's all been removed.... Anyway. I gotta let you know that you had a huge influence on me—learning to ride a motorcycle was one of the coolest things I've ever done, and learning while in Nepal was amazing. You are a kick-ass instructor, and your passion for the sport really inspired me. I'm wishing you the swiftest of recoveries, my friend, and I'll buy you a pint at the Busy Bee as soon as I can!


  7. Hey big fella

    Just caught up on the not-so-latest - thought Radio Chorio was to be resurrected??!!! We want to know how it's going over there in Singgers? Any wedding plans yet? Know some really gorgeous spots on a beautiful Island off the coast of Perth (check out Rottnest)???? Big (good) onya to your sis and new hubby! Want to reiterate sentiments of Roe and Chewy - when are you coming to see us??? We are sooo close...Chewy has a brand spanking new super gorgeous pool(of 18m no less) and outdoor area - perfect for R and R...
    My kids send their love and ask after you.
    Take it easy big fella and keep us posted.
    Lots of love to you both
    The Levs
    PS come visit