Sunday, 1 January 2012

Oh yeah ... you and who's army?

For more than 20 years, this rag-tag collection of recidivists have swerved their way through towns and sporting events across the UK - leaving empty glasses, full ashtrays, and a whole lot of confusion in their trail.

Remember seeing twenty-five rhinestone-jumpsuited Elvis look-alikes at a televised Edgbaston cricket match back in 1997? We made the 6 O'Clock news. Often imitated, never equalled. (Anyone got a photo?)

Just before Christmas, the boys lifted the atmosphere (and many pints) at the world darts championship in London. I would have given my right arm to join them, but it was full of plastic tubes in Singapore at the time. The following morning, Moniek bounced up to my sick bed with these photos.

They'd shamelessly plugged my blog with multiple world champion Eric Bristow MBE. The crafty cockney is grinning at their darts shirts emblazoned with 'Rick Magill's Chorio Busting Army'. I was quite moved and had to wipe away a few tears wiv me perked up right pinky.

Sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to EVERYONE who's lifted my spirits during my hour of need. You know who you are.

We've re-kindled friendships after my wandering in the wilderness for too many years. I've received gifts and cards at my bedside; a wealth of new music, touching messages of support, incredible acts of generosity; and a choice of sofas around the world where I can convalesce and think about what to do next. I'll never forget what you've done.

When it gets really dark, you can see the stars. Take it away, Tom ...


  1. Rick, immense admiration for the Notty lads. Only one man better than Bristow, Jocky Wilson (& only because he goes into a world cup final 4 pints to the good). As Wogan said, it was truly a wonder than he could see the board let alone throw straight.

    Looking forward to hopefully seeing you in rude health sometime soon. As a frequent flyer, we can probably even upgrade you from the sofa to your own room. Hope you can deal with the luxury!

    Best wishes for 2012 for you, Moniek, Ilse & everyone in the OCB club.

  2. What can I say? Bloody marvellous lads!

    Happy New Year Rick, Moniek & Ilse, and to everyone else out there. What a year 2011 was, from the highest highs to the lowest lows, and pretty much everything in between. Here's hoping for a year of health and happiness, and a couple of cold beers with old friends in the not so distant future.

    (PS - we have Mr Jolly on DVD waiting for your viewing)

  3. Two Blogs in one day. This is great, a lot better was seeing you looking better on Skype.
    Wishing all Rick's friends a Happy New Year.
    Your thoughts and prayers have helped so much.
    May your God be with you all.

  4. Happy New Year Rick!! Andrea and I are sending you Moniek and your families our love, prayers and best wishes for 2012.
    So glad Mr Jolly has made an appearance - Escorts Bescorts! Come in if you're saucy! Solid gold stuff. Takes me back to the Gooseberry Bush and Trev pitching his business plan for F##kin C@#~#d Taxis?? Did you ever buy the Transit and soiled mattress Trev?
    Great darts shirts, at last something that may fit me!! Nice one lads!