Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The greatest comeback since Lazarus?

I'm happy, but DVLA won't accept smiles
I've had a good couple of days. Adopting my well-proven technique for shaking a hangover, I've purged the residual Bleomycin from my system. Mountains of healthy food have been washed down with rivers of milk and fruit juice. A couple of decent walks have re-built my strength. And I've pissed, poohed and perspired the poison from my frail body. Detox was completed by scratching and farting whilst watching a documentary on sharks. Normally I'd have a 'hair of the dog' too, but chemo doesn't come in cans.

There's a poncy spa round the corner offering holistic rejuvenation & purification at $200. It includes hot stones, whale music and smelly candles, but I think I'll stick with what I know.

My approach seems to be working. I had more blood tests and a status/strategy meeting with Dr Wong this morning. She said I'm doing "as good as we could possibly imagine". She gave me more jabs and pushed my final chemo session into tomorrow. There's still a long stony uphill path ahead of me, but I'm overjoyed and more determined than ever to stage the greatest comeback since Lazarus.

I was shocked when Moniek took this photo to renew my expired UK driving license. I'm a few kilos skinnier, with a black eye, and my anaemic bald head blends into the obligatory white background. It's OK, I'm just stuck in a moment ... ... but, in the meantime, I'll look for an earlier picture with hair. I have enough trouble with traffic cops already.


  1. There's always photoshop...... Oh the fun we could have!

  2. Elaine, good call. I could try with those John McCririck ginger sidies too. Mmmmmm

    Excellent news with the current state of recovery (not the black eye & anaemic head I should clarify). Also good to read 'Final Chemo Session'. Once more into the breach dear boy.

  3. You sure it's a black eye and not a tinted monocle, it looks very round ;0).
    Good to know you're seeing the light through all of this. Happy New Year and may it be successful in every way for you and yours. PS My Mum in law has a bald (Sphinx) cat maybe you could get together and be the next Bond villain.

  4. Looks like you've been caught out with the old 'marker pen on the eyepiece' trick!

    All going to plan, see you in a few days mate.......and as Ian says, great to see the words "final chemo session".

  5. yippeee to the final chemo session. Well done you, what an achievement.

    Elaine, whilst photo-shopping you should definitely work with one or two of these ideas:

  6. Glad you are on the mend my friend. Your a strong man and we knew you would come out of this. Much love and good vibes from North Carolina. Please tell nurse Mo hello from us! Have a wonderful New Year!

    Jen and John

  7. Rickmaninoff: happy NY and all that :) In the home straight now buddy. Make sure you add Prague to your "Lazarus World Tour of 2012"; finest beer in the world currently on general sale at 55p / half litre - and its my round ;)