Saturday, 17 December 2011

Avec les oeufs frites

With cruel irony, the blood clot in my jugular has been caused by my catheter - the pipe & tap system intended to avoid the use of needles during chemotherapy. Now I need 2 extra injections per day to dissolve the clot. Doh!

Moniek has become quite an expert at giving the jabs, while I become a pathetic, whimpering jelly every time she opens her medical bag. At the clinic, the nurses all have funny stories to tell about big guys who feinted upon sight of a needle. I don't get the joke.

Until last week Moniek could visually deny that I've got cancer, but no more. I'm starting to look really sick: my eyebrows and eyelashes are thinning, I've got big dark circles around my eyes, and patches of my thin white skin are being burned brown from the inside. My arms and legs are wasting away, but my belly is expanding due to my Mr Creosote ( appetite.

Your favourite "Meaning of Life" quotes, please
... and not just Mr Creosote  ones!
It's not a good look, but I'm gonna keep shovelling the food down while I can. Which, in reality, means for as long as Moniek continues to bring me delicious meals 'with the eggs on top' - and I can control my stomach while the room spins.

Despite appearances, the fantastic Dr Hsieh was encouraged by my latest blood results and gave me the last round of the 2nd chemo cycle on Thursday. The nurses fixed some technical issues with my pipe and dripped in a bag of B. My temperature soared that night. Moniek checked me 10 times in 3 hours. We got worried and phoned the doctor directly at 10pm. He never switches his mobile off, and encouraged us to call 24/7 if we're concerned about anything. What can I say?

It was just a fever, and I've now cooled down to 'normal' post-chemo levels. This morning I was 'better' (ie 'better get a bucket, I'm gonna throw up'), but again managed to hold it all down and returned the bucket unused. I've been 95% bed-ridden, and plan to sweat it out horizontally tomorrow before I build myself up to an important lung test early next week.

Today's country classic is for my special nurse Mo and any woman who's had to look after a pathetic sick bloke. Check out the creepy waxwork compere ... and watch how Tammy keeps a straight face as she sings the immortal line "because, after all, he's just a man"!


  1. Great to see that you found the energy to add to the blog. All the best for next weeks brutality.

  2. A particular favourite applies to the very same scene;
    'Oh dear......, I've trodden in Monsieur's bucket.'

    However, in recognition of an earlier posting, Mr Death (who was a reaper from the village) quite succintly pointed out that;
    'You f*****g Americans are all the same, you've got no balls!'

    'Ah, I see we have the machine that goes ping.'

  3. The immortal words of Julie Walters: "one soup and another soup, right away sir"

    Keeping the weight on is a huge achievement and you have done incredibly well to actually gain weight.

    My favourite meaning of life quote is: "put your big girl panties on and deal with it". No idea who first said it, but for me it captures everything. Not sure big girl panties would be a good look for you - less Bridget Jones, more victoria secret model looks. Eugh, really not sure I want this picture in my head of you in girls undies. Pass that bucket and quick!!

  4. Rick, the last time I saw someone be as sick as Mr Creosote was when you whipped that guys girlfriend out from under his nose for a dance in Tiger Tiger. A great night in London. Can't wait to share another.

  5. "Just one more wa-fare thin mint" in a thick french accent!
    Couldnt remember exact quotes but they go something like this:
    "Tungsten carbide drills, what the bloody hell's tungsten carbide drills?"
    "you had to go poncing off to Barnsley, you and yer coal-mining friends"
    The tungsten carbide tips reminds me of something to do with Russ Holton for some reason?
    Can anyone remember?

  6. I'm ashamed to say I can't think of any quotes apart from the Mr Creosote ones. I'll have to put MoL onto our Xmas viewing list to prompt the memory.

  7. Sick like Mr C- Reminds me of an incident I had following your leaving do from KPMG Mr Magill following 'drinks' in some bar.

  8. Nicking girlfriends and then throwing up (or in fact the other way around) is a trait that can be traced back to a pub in Great Barford (1987), a stranger's house in Solihull (1989) and Nurses night at the Irish, Nottingham (1988-????)

  9. Hey Rick, Mate great to see your still going strong and giveing it all you got and then some. Sonu and I are thinking of you and Moniek and come up in the our conversations frequently. Our thoughts and prayer are with you my brother, along with the beers !
    Take care brother
    Ben & Sonu and family!

  10. Chris, stunning memory. Marrazion House also springs to mind & who was it that said, 'Once you've had a man with no legs, you'll never go back'?!

  11. dear rick I'm actually on my way back to nepal at the moment. one of the first things to do was come and visit you guys. tom and i had some unforgettable experiences earlier this year with you both and it had a huge impact on me. not just from a riding perspective. rick you're an incredibly inspiring person and i have a huge amount of admiration for you. reading your blog, besides bringing me to tears solidified those feelings. best wishes mate, thoughts are with you. xan

  12. I don't want another gift from Santa Claus than your total recovery.
    Forward brave!

  13. "Eye of the Tiger" Rick (or perhaps "Eye of the Tiger, Tiger" might be more appropriate :)? You're winning on points mate, just a few more rounds to go and you're there.

    As for the "look", think about Lance again: fit as a butcher's dog and competing at the highest level. You'll be back likewise - just a question of when ;)

    Take care mate.

  14. Merry Christmas to all the Magills and associates. Go to sleep super early so that Santa can bring you some lovely presents including a full recovery.
    Best wishes

  15. Merry Xmas to all fellow bloggers but of course predominantly to Rick, Moniek and the Magill clan. Hoping Santa brings you a fab 2012. Loads love the Judes xxx

  16. Hi Rick,

    Just stuffed my face on xmas day after Manju successfully cooked a christmas lunch complete with dessert for the frst time ever, all with the help of youtube and various other internet sites.

    Hope you are as comfortable and enjoying yourself as much as you can, given the less than desirable circumstances. Something for you to consider - spent xmas day fabricating performance silencers for the Yamaha xk 650 (peter's bike). got some designs off the net and started to knock that shit up in the garden. Quite a nice way to spend xmas.

    May be off to Pokhara soon, wil let you know when so if you need anything done just let me know. Call if it's irgent for anything that you may need doing here in Nepal 009779851016929.

    Keep writing and keep me laughing with your comments. Will see you soon!

    Damian and Manju

  17. Hey Rick, Moniek and family, Happy Christmas to you all. You're doing amazingly well mate, and you are incredibly upbeat, keep on doing what u r doing mate. Your blog is becoming a cult thing in our household, my kids Lotty (12) and Seb (10) keeping asking how u r and how much hair you have left!!! All the best for 2012 mate, I will be tuned in and rooting for you! Si xxx

  18. Christmas wishes to all at the OCB awareness group. Trust the fine Singaporean cuisine was accompanied by a side order of sprouts to doff your cap at Victorian tradition. Not that you will be in the least bit interested, but those pigs we had in the paddock, mmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Best wishes for continued improvement as the New Year & new horizons approach, & thinking of you both.

  19. Rick I hope you were having an up day today and that you and Moniek got to enjoy a Christmas day free of sweats, cramps etc...hopefully your christmas dinner didn't end up in the bucket?!

    My Christmas prayers were all for you today, may your bravery and strength stay with you and long may your progress continue. With lots of love to you and all your family, God bless. R x

  20. You missed the awards season at the Busy Bee. In your absence Piddle Nepal picked up the Best Supporter statuette 2011. If you'd been here you would have been a shoo-in for that category. Hopefully you'll return fighting fit and in excellent condition to pick up the 'Jack' next year.

    Wishing you both a much better new year and hope that you'll be in a fit condition to attend Elaine's wedding.

    Everyone here (inside and outside the Busy Bee) sends their love and are waving/spinning their prayer flags/wheels and saying prayers for your safe recovery.

    Lots of love
    Sue & Mark

    PS Moniek: I read the other day that Lance Armstrong went onto to father twins only 18 months after completely chemotherapy - something to look forward to???????????